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Team, Market, Business Model, Traction. Organizational structures, IP, Projections, Financials, Risk Management, Telling the Story, Closing Funding, Post Funding.

PLUS we have a bonus, take home activity that will make all the difference in the pursuit of your ventures success.


Team is Everything

Do you have a team with the experience to take your venture to market and scale? Who are your Advisors? Can you be agile?

what's your team made of?

9 lessons - 1 hour

2. Your market

Let your Market be your guide

Who's out there doing what you do? Is your market new or established, growing or stable, trends? Do you have an exit analysis for your industry?

Market Analysis 101

4 lessons - 1 hour


business model discovery

A solid business model helps line up a clear path to success. Knowing is only half the battle, your MVP is the key to the other half.

business model workshop

6 lessons - 1 hour

4. Current Traction

What makes the world go round?

Traction makes the world move forward. Testing assumptions, talking to customers, and iteration are key. Learn how to get your first 100.

Learning to test & gain traction

5 lessons - 1 hour

5. Organizational Structures

The creation of a company

There are only a few early mistakes that can come back to haunt you later on - not paying attention here is one of them. Remember to just KISS…

The beauty of the organization

3 lessons - 1 hour

6. Intellectual Property

A beautiful mind

Learn how to share your cookies without giving away the recipe. Sometimes a recipe is worth protecting and sometimes it isn’t.

IP can be the key

3 lessons - 1 hour

7. Projecting

there is an art to projecting

Yes, shoot for the stars, and plan for it - internally. BUT what we share with investors can't look unrealistic. So how do we drive your projections?

How to dream and be realistic

2 lessons - 1 hour

8. Financials

it doesn't have to be scary

Financial modeling is a wonderful, powerful, and living thing. Get excited because having an air-tight grasp on how your numbers play is essential.

Spreadsheets are our friend

8 lessons - 1 hour

9. Risk Management

Yes there is always risk

It's not if or even when - it's simply being prepared. Risk management isn't about fear, it's about being prepared.

Managing risk

3 lessons - 1 hour

10. Telling the Story

Nothing else matters

Have the best team, market, idea, and even revenue? If you can't tell the story no one will ever hear how good you might really be.

get around the campfire

2 lessons - 1 hour

11. Closing the funding Round


ABC’s baby, ABC’s - yep we should ‘Always Be Closing.’ You must be able to close all your key relationships.

Learning to CLose

2 lessons - 1 hour

12. Post Funding...

Now the fun begins

Now you have gas to throw on the fire. Learn to celebrate the wins without killing the momentum.

Just the beginning

2 lessons - 1 hour

- Course Creator

With over 20 years of funding and company building experience and expertise, Kyle has run the gamut from startup to exit, from ‘Friends & Family’ rounds to pre-IPO mezzanine financing deals.

It is my mission to help bring wonder to the world. To help those who have amazing ideas master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business TO THE MOON 🚀!” 


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