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Existing Affiliates

Frequently Asked Affiliate Questions

Affiliate Process:

  1. You will be given a direct link. This link will track your referrals even if they click off the website and come back. This is the only way to make sure you get credit for your referrals. You can ‘Bitly’ this link if you choose.
  2. We will send you a cheat sheet that will help you vet deals. (DO NOT SEND THIS TO CLIENTS, THIS IS FOR YOUR USE ONLY) – check your email for this.
  3. It is your job to vet your referrals – NOT OURS – if you send an email, want to book a meeting with us, if we in any way have to do the work to close the deal WE will get the affiliate fee. Our program pays out (legally) better than any other program in the industry – we expect you to earn these fees.
  4. It’s that simple – you vet the deal, you send the link, they sign-up for something, and you get paid your affiliate fee.

If you, as the affiliate, do not follow the process as outlined above you will not be paid your affiliate fee. If you do not know how to vet a deal please print off the cheat sheet.

If someone asks how you are related to AVS here is an example response:

“I have formed a strategic alliance with AVS to provide my network, clients, and contacts with AVS services and education. While I do receive compensation under this relationship I stand by their education and services 100%. The way they support ventures is unique and unseen in other similar programs or companies.”

In the event that you would like to join the AVS team you will want to talk to us about what that process looks like.

Please review the payment terms in our Affiliate Agreement. As a rule we will pay out 30 days after a payment is made for a review process or a course purchase. For Studio fees we pay monthly as those funds are used by the Venture under the Studio Agreement we sign with the venture is executed. We DO NOT pay percentages of funding deals unless the Affiliate is a partner Broker Dealer – this is in compliance with FINRA section 2040.

It is your responsibility to vet or verify that your referral is ready to work with AVS or if they should start by taking a course in our education program. If you ask for an AVS representative to help close the sale then that representative will receive the affiliate fee.

If you have a deal that is just HUGE and you want help please contact us, we want you to be successful but we also want you to earn your affiliate fees.

If someone does start the Review Process and we find that they have not been honest or transparent in their application, or at any point along the review process, we may only refund 50% of their fee. If we find that as the affiliate you did not vet them well we will not be paying you an affiliate fee. In the event that a venture was not transparent with both you, as the affiliate, and us as AVS we will pay you your fee and we may not refund any of their review fee.

We have two tracks for Ventures:
  1. Start with the “12 Answers” Course
  2. “Get Started” with the Review Process
You can see those option on the landing page you will be using HERE

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