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Still Getting Ready For Funding?

You may feel like you are not quite ready to jump right into our “are you ready for funding?” review process.

You might not have the confidence yet to invest in the success of your ventures funding, you may not be looking for more than $1m (we’ll be launching a fund soon to help you so stay tuned!) You may not have a venture that will return the ROI our investors are looking for.

Well that doesn’t mean we don’t have options so you can get more confident when it comes to investing in your idea or venture…

Take our 12 Answers Course

Team, Market, Business Model, Traction. Org, IP, Projections, Financials, Risk Management, Telling the Story, Closing Funding, Post Funding.

Plus we have a bonus, take home activity that will make all the difference in the pursuit of your ventures success.

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This is a free ‘Ready for Funding?’ checklist.

It’s a list of things you’ll want to know (or have) in order to be ready as you are looking to get investment in your venture.

It’s nice and simple!

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