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What will you find in AVS venture opportunities?

3-10X ROI over 2-7 years

Our goal is to give you the high risk returns while increasing the likelihood of venture success.

How? By…

Holding Founders Accountable, Decentralizing non-core business practices, utilizing economies of scale by building teams for 20-40 ventures, and most importantly…

Through our ML & AI software that will gather data daily and provide data based insights on internal KPI’s as well as industrially relevant info –

Think of your own personal Google search running on all your investments and providing you and your ventures all the insights it finds daily.

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Let’s get you looking at deals. We work wiht a FINRA registered Broker-Dealer and they run our investment meetings, make sure we are in compliance and help close our funding rounds.

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We ask two questions first and foremost: Are they focused on making a real social impact AND can they seriously disrupt the market they are entering?

Next we ask if they have a Unique Value Proposition that supports their belief of major disruption. 

Finally the numbers: ROI of 3-10X in 2-7 years. At least $1.5m in funding required at a valuation of no less than $7.5m with the founders retaining at least 70% of the post money capitalization.


For all of our focus on doing good and helping ventures who have a social focus we know that there is no social impact if the venture isn’t wildly successful.

our Due Diligence process is designed to be a living rating system, one that changes daily with KPI tracking and automated quarterly reports. We want EVERYONE to have transparency on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

We have two sides to our software (in development and should be ready for launch September of 2022):

Internal Reporting: We are developing a Machine Learning API mapping software that will take any existing API for any two software programs and remap it for our system. This will allow us to bring in all the venture performance into one master dash for KPI reporting. Revenue, costs, performance, project management success and timelines, team satisfaction, customer sentiment, and anything else any other software tracks will all be pulled into the AVS dashboard.

External insights: Here is were we stay ahead of everyone else. Our web-scrapping software isn’t just going out and searching for all the industry data and releases, it’s applying text recognition and sentiment to compare new data to historical so we can spot trends and threats before anyone else. Imagine a program reading 10 years of publicly and privately released reports and spotting the outliers so you can make decisions like no one else? 

To those investors who have made it to this point, who’ve read and investigated all that we are doing at AVS and then decide to invest in one of our first deals we have a way to say thank you.

You will be given a lifetime account to our AVS software and be given shares in AVS so you get the additional benefit of our 1-3% equity stake in each venture, not just the one or few you invest in.

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