Venture Baseline

One of the many ways we differentiate ourselves here at adora Venture Studio is with that Studio we mention in our name.


Under our Studio Program we take a look at where you are today, an early stage venture, and where you need to grow to become a full fledged company that will run like a well oiled machine.


In this form we will establish a baseline for your strengths and opportunities for support and growth. Investors understand that early stage ventures are not fully staffed corporate entities yet they also know that with their investment you DO need to grow into a more and more capable entity.


One of the largest pitfalls we see in early stage yet post-funding ventures is the distraction of trying to build a company, usually not the founders strength, while managing to grow at the rates needed to justify and deliver on the ROI everyone is looking for.


The Studio side of MVS has been created to help you grow naturally into that entity, all while staying focused on CORE competencies and strengths that lead to revenue growth without sacrificing on the NON-CORE activities that are essential to smooth operations.


We want you to stay laser focused on growth and operational excellence while leaning into your strengths.


Let’s dive in and find out where you’re strong already and where you have an opportunity to be supported through the adora Venture Studio.

A Few Form Questions You Might Be Wondering...

There is a wonderful topic of research that has made the 10,000 hour mark famous for distinguishing an expert from… well not quite an expert. While that level of experience has come into question as to whether or not it actually guarantees expertise there is no question that the application of knowledge through experience creates wisdom. 


When we ask how much time you’ve had gathering ‘Knowledge’ this can include schooling, apprenticeship, continuing education, and active research in the field. It DOES NOT count simply executing in a field.


When we talk about ‘Experience’ this IS simply executing tactically and strategically in a given field. The continual application of knowledge, in a dedicated and intensive manner, is the key to becoming an expert. While time does indicate a level of expertise if an expert doesn’t stay up with current best practices then they can quickly no longer be an expert.

Every aspect of a business has a Strategic and Tactical side. The question becomes ‘Do you have the knowledge and experience to plan the strategy of a given aspect of your business?’


No one is capable of maintaining an expert level of knowledge or experience in too many fields. A high level of general knowledge is important when it comes to leadership, so we can make informed decisions but in order to lead strategically in any given aspect of business a high level of expertise is required. 

It’s wise to bring in experts to help strategically plan and then a completely different set of operators to act tactically on a day-to-day basis. This is what we do best in the Studio Program.

Not every business activity directly adds to customer value, many are needed in every business when it comes to operating well. If you are an accounting SaaS product then yes accounting may be a core competency that is needed to add value to customers BUT if you aren’t accounting might not be something you need to have expertise in at an early stage.


If you already have someone on the team that is an expert at both your subject matter AND a basic business practice that’s great, make sure you list them below in both areas!

Profit driving activities are those that directly affect the creation of customer value. While we can help with many aspect of your business, most of your core activities should add to customer value.

As we covered above in the Strategic vs Tactical section, some day-to-day tactical execution can be a distraction from the main focus of the growth and revenue of an early stage venture. 


We want you to stay laser focused on your current strengths and not try and tackle a new business skill, the learning curve alone can lead to mistakes that can kill a new venture. Let’s address those areas in the Studio so you can stay focused.

In contrast to the ‘Improves Customer Value’ section above, if an activity could be seen as a distraction from key revenue or development activities there is a good chance it does not directly add value to your customer. This is a great way to identify what you need to let go of at an early stage and let us handle in the Studio.

This is another way to check if a given activity adds to customer value. If you aren’t selling your accounting services to others, and making a profit off that team, why build an accounting team right off the bat? 

Let us help out in areas where you either don’t have subject matter expertise or don’t have time to recruit, build, and develop a team for. 

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Get Started With Your Venture Baseline Now...

A Few Questions You Might Be Wondering...

Our review process is only $1897. We tell you if you are funding ready or what you need to do to become funding ready. Either way, the info you get from the process would cost you over $5k upfront from other players in our world.

If you are ready we move to Phase 2: Due Diligence + Funding Prep. This is never a one size fits all process. Some banks and other funding sources can charge up to $100k for Due Diligence alone – and they don’t even give you the Due Diligence Report. True it’s never up front but you always pay for it somewhere. Our Due Diligence is independent, yours to use with other institutions and investors, and a fraction of the cost.

We also get you ready for your funding meetings. This means we help tighten up your Deck as well as pitch practice with our experts. We make sure you looks good, sound confident, and know what to ask the investors to see if THEY are a good fit for you.

You can expect Phase 2 to cost $2-10k. The higher end of the spectrum is reserved for highly technical Due Diligence processes. If you are working in a medical or chemical process, a highly specified field, or a larger scope deal ($50m+) you may be at the higher end of our Due Diligence range.

We like to say that if you are on your game we can take you to funding in 120 days. the Review, Due Diligence, and Funding prep can take as much as 30 days. After that we look to close funding rounds in 90 days. 

We can also help with short term funding to help bridge the gap or gain traction to boost the valuation and excitement around your venture.

This is where the real fun begins. Here at the adora Venture Studio, we focus on the success of a funded venture. We want amazing ROIs for investors so they keep investing AND fantastic outcomes for companies so they can go out and change the world.

You don’t need to start over, you won’t need to pay another review fee.

Matter of fact, we will have monthly check-in meetings with you for 90 days to help you GET ready. If you still aren’t ready but are close, THEN and only then, you can pay $497 for another 90 days of support. 

What if you don’t need funding and you just want the support of a diverse and talented team?

Well, we can work with you on your low hanging fruit so you can get to your next milestone, all while saving on the short-term capital expense of growing your team internally. Sometimes the quality of the team members you can recruit early on isn’t the same as it is later in your venture’s life cycle…

Once you hit some ‘To the Moon’ milestones we can help you recruit and then train your team – only as you are ready to take non-core business functions in house. We want the hand off to be as amazing AND supported as our entire process is from day one.

One of the most difficult issues in the early stages of a venture is the key talent to make it happen. We can help recruit and vet a very rare type of leader – one that offers C-level experience AND is entrepreneurially driven.

What do they say?“It takes one to know one?”

We are who we recruit!