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A Few Questions about MVS You Might Be Wondering...

Our review process is only $1897. We tell you if you are funding ready or what you need to do to become funding ready. Either way, the info you get from the process would cost you over $5k upfront from other players in our world.

If you are funding ready the next stage is never a one size fits all, but you can expect it to cost $1-8k. Some banks and other funding sources can charge up to $100k for Due Diligence alone – and they don’t even give you the Due Diligence Report. Our Due Diligence is independent, yours to use with other institutions and investors, and a fraction of the cost.

We can take as much as 30 days to go through the initial review to see whether or not you are funding ready. After that we look to close funding rounds in 90 days. We can also help with short term funding to help bridge the gap or gain traction to boost the valuation and excitement around your venture.

This is where the real fun begins. Here at the adora Venture Studio we focus on the success of a funded venture. We want amazing ROI’s for investors so they keep investing AND fantastic outcomes for companies so they can go out and change the world. 

You don’t need to start over, you won’t need to pay another review fee.

Matter of fact, we will have monthly check-in meetings with you for 90 days to help you GET ready. If you still aren’t ready but are close, THEN and only then, you can pay another $497 for another 90 days of support. 

What if you don’t need funding and you just want the support of a diverse and talented team?

Well, we can work with you on your low hanging fruit so you can get to your next milestone, all while saving on the short term capital expense of growing your team internally. Sometimes the quality of the team members you can recruit early on isn’t the same as it is later in your ventures life cycle…

Once you hit some ‘To The Moon’ milestones we can help you recruit and then train your team – only as you are ready to take non-core business functions in house. We want the hand off to be as amazing AND supported as our entire process is from day one.

One of the most difficult issues in the early stages of a venture is the key talent to make it happen. We can help recruit and vet a very rare type of leader – one that offers C-level experience AND is entrepreneurially driven.

What do they say? “I takes one to know one?”

We are who we recruit!

We totally understand, really getting to work can be a daunting reality to step into. Most never DARE TO DREAM BIGGER.

You may just need more time, BUT we can tell you that even if you aren’t ready our review period will be the best investment you can possibly make in the future of your venture.


Because it’s hard to go at it alone or without accountability.

So many just never get serious about their venture.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

In the meantime stay in touch with us on social media- we’ll be dropping golden knowledge there.

When you are ready, just scroll back up to get going.